Monday, December 2, 2013

Time to Move on


I decided to let go of this blog and start a new one on Wordpress. From this point, I will be blogging at  I started the Crafty Intrigue blog back in June of 2010. When I look back at the last 3 years, I have learned a lot from this blog. I have met some great people. I learned a lot about social media.  I developed an interest in photography and fiber arts. I feel a little sad letting this blog go but, it is time.  Back in 2010, I wanted to open an Etsy shop and started this blog to promote that.  However, things didn’t go as planned and I didn’t start the shop. I ended up traveling the United States for a while. When I came back, the blog became a place to connect with other knitters and crocheters and became more of a personal craft blog. I finally started an Etsy shop in May of 2012 and the shop never really took off. I decided to take a break and deactivated all my listings and re evaluate how I wanted to do this craft business thing.

When I took that break, I decided to change my business name from Crafty Intrigue to Daphne Adora Designs.  When, I decided to do that, I thought it would be a good time to change blog providers. I have not been very happy with blogger for a while. Plus, I Blogger made it very hard to change my username.  I didn’t want to sign my blog posts on a blog named Daphne Adora Designs with Crafty Intrigue. So far, I like Wordpress  lot and it has been a good change. I hope to see you over at Wordpress.I will be posting there soon.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Wordless Wednesday


I saw this truck at a craft fair I wrote about last week. I like old cars and trucks so I had to take a picture.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

What I Did this Past Weekend


Sunday morning I looked at the paper and saw that there was a antique show called Pickin on the Prairie taking place not too far from where I live. I decided to go to the show because I haven’t gone out to see local craft shows as much as I would like this summer. There was also another craft fair called the Art andGlass Fest  taking place on the grounds of a local winery.  


I realized they were both fairly near each other and I could go one show and stop by the other on the way home. The fist show took place on a farm in a beautiful area. The first photo is a picture of the scenery next door to the show. I enjoyed the show, I saw some cool things. I don’t know a ton about antiques but I can see why people get into it. I liked this sign.


I also liked this bathtub that was converted into a garden.  I love seeing people getting creative with where they plant gardens.


I had a nice conversation with a vender that designs stuff with antique lace. She told me about some books and website to check it out further. It was worth going to the show just for that conversation. I didn’t get too many pictures of the art and glass fest but I just love this mosaic guitar.


Monday, August 19, 2013

My Thoughts on the Artist's Way and Morning Pages


The above photo shows a stack of notebooks I use as journals. It is time for back to school specials so they cost 20 cents apiece. At that price, I stocked up and bought several. It is the best dollar I could have spent.  In spring and summer of 2012, I went through The Artists Way.  I was gearing up to start my shop and looking for artistic inspiration. I had mixed feelings about the program. The book has some good points. The chapter on Shadow artists is worth reading the whole book. However, the language of the book sounded a lot like the self help books I used to read. It also leaned heavily towards 12 step talk. That is not for everyone. It got on my nerves.  Also, I felt like Julia Cameron’s writing style was bossy. She would tell you to do these exercises that looked silly and pointless to me and then not explain way I should be doing this. It drove me crazy. 

The one thing that really annoyed me was week 4. On week 4, she tells you that you are not supposed to read anything; not for fun, not even for work or school.  Avid reader that I am, I lasted about an hour on that exercise.  I tried to do it several times and just couldn’t. I did learn just how much I love to read. I also thought it was extremely irresponsible to tell someone to not do something connected to their job and their livelihood. I used to work at a law firm where part of my job was to get a stack of papers distributed to the lawyers and they had to check that they read them and pass the papers to the next person. They had a stack of papers they had to read every day. Someone in a job like that is not going to be able to follow that weeks advice in the Artist’s Way and do their job too well.  I couldn’t help but think,What if someone followed that advice to the letter and didn’t read something important at work, and got in trouble for it? How do you think your boss would react if you said, sorry “I didn’t read your memo, I am doing The Artists Way.”  I think anyone who said that at work would be laughed out of the office.

Having said that, one of the things really liked and thought was valuable was the idea of morning pages. I have link to a video by Julia Cameron that explains morning pages. Morning pages are when you write 3 pages front and back first thing in the morning. You free write any thoughts that come into your head. I had a hard time doing them first thing in the morning. For me, it was often mid morning or afternoon pages. I found them very helpful. I have found that when I am upset a about something, it is a good place to vent, sort out how I feel and what to do about it. I have found that morning pages are a great way to sort my thoughts if I feel scattered on confused about something or if I have a decision to make. Honestly, I don't always do them every day like you are supposed to. But I get back into the practice when I have a lot on my mind. Lately, I have been doing them pretty regularly and it has been very helpful.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Endings and New Beginnings

Lately, I have been re thinking this blog and my Etsy shop. I had the shop for over a year and to be very honest, it never really took off. I just wasn’t getting enough sales to keep the shop running. I also burned out several times. I realized I needed to re think this venture. In process of running this shop, I also started to read a lot about the business end of having a creative venture. I also did a lot of reading on marketing and branding. I realized that there is a lot to learn about running an online business. 

When I first started this shop, I didn’t think about who would buy my pieces, where to market them or what my brand would look like. I just posted items I like to make. I started to think about how to brand and market my pieces and realized I may want to make different things for my shop and to have a different image, brand and possibly a new name. I had started this shop with a vague idea of having an intriguing fashionable persona online (hence the name). But I learned that I am very casual and it didn’t reflect me as a person that well.

I realized I wanted to take a break and make some changes based on what I have learned about running a creative business. I also wanted to make room for some new ideas for creative ventures. I decided to not renew my listings in my shop. I thought about deleting this blog and starting a new one. However, I realized that if I deleted this blog, I would be losing a record of past creative projects. I also realized that I like to write and I wanted a place to write about creative things I find interesting. I find that blogging is a good way for me to express myself and use my interests in crafts, writing and photography. I thought about changing the name of the blog but I couldn’t think of a name for a blog I liked better than Crafty Intrigue. I decided to keep this for now and keep it as a journal of what I am working on at the moment and my process of re doing my shop.  

Friday, May 31, 2013

My Basil Plant

When I am not knitting, crocheting or making jewelry, I like to cook. I also like plants. A few weeks ago, I bought a Basil plant. I have wanted to grow herbs for a long time but I never got around to it. I also want to grow my own vegetables. Right now though, it will have to be herbs in pots because I am broke and don’t really have my own yard. However, I can afford a few dollars for a plant or two. My basil plant is doing well and I am already thinking about other herbs I can get to go with it. I am thinking about getting mint, oregano, or chives. I am leaning towards getting oregano next since they are used together so much in recipes. I am excited about what I can do with fresh herbs. I have already pinched off some leaves and used them in a pizza margarita recipe.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

I went to an art walk in northern Idaho and had to take a picture of this mural.