Wednesday, August 21, 2013

What I Did this Past Weekend


Sunday morning I looked at the paper and saw that there was a antique show called Pickin on the Prairie taking place not too far from where I live. I decided to go to the show because I haven’t gone out to see local craft shows as much as I would like this summer. There was also another craft fair called the Art andGlass Fest  taking place on the grounds of a local winery.  


I realized they were both fairly near each other and I could go one show and stop by the other on the way home. The fist show took place on a farm in a beautiful area. The first photo is a picture of the scenery next door to the show. I enjoyed the show, I saw some cool things. I don’t know a ton about antiques but I can see why people get into it. I liked this sign.


I also liked this bathtub that was converted into a garden.  I love seeing people getting creative with where they plant gardens.


I had a nice conversation with a vender that designs stuff with antique lace. She told me about some books and website to check it out further. It was worth going to the show just for that conversation. I didn’t get too many pictures of the art and glass fest but I just love this mosaic guitar.


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