Friday, May 31, 2013

My Basil Plant

When I am not knitting, crocheting or making jewelry, I like to cook. I also like plants. A few weeks ago, I bought a Basil plant. I have wanted to grow herbs for a long time but I never got around to it. I also want to grow my own vegetables. Right now though, it will have to be herbs in pots because I am broke and don’t really have my own yard. However, I can afford a few dollars for a plant or two. My basil plant is doing well and I am already thinking about other herbs I can get to go with it. I am thinking about getting mint, oregano, or chives. I am leaning towards getting oregano next since they are used together so much in recipes. I am excited about what I can do with fresh herbs. I have already pinched off some leaves and used them in a pizza margarita recipe.

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